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Internal Medicine

Our second- and third-generation physicians have over 60 years of combined experience. They offer you and your families some of the most advanced preventative, diagnostic, and medical treatment options available today.

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Whether you require a simple screening procedure or an advanced diagnostic panel, our experienced staff is available to accommodate your digestive needs.


Our Facility

With several office locations, flexible scheduling, and weekend hours, our aim is to provide you with both comfort and convenience while receiving excellent care in one of our state-of-the-art facilities.


On-Site Services

With on-site services ranging from blood testing to advanced imaging of your heart, we are conveniently able to provide our patients with comprehensive medical evaluations all under one roof.


CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) Exams

Our physicians are licensed under the state of New Jersey to perform these services upon request.

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Immigration Examinations

Our physicians are licensed under the state of New Jersey to perform these services upon request.

Pleasantdale Ambulatory Care

Pleasantdale Ambulatory Care

For advanced procedures not performed in any of our office locations, we offer our patients a state of the art surgical center.

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Genetic Testing

We offer advanced genetic testing for early diagnosis, detection, and identification of individuals and their families who may be at risk for certain malignancies.


Obesity Treatment

We offer a wide range of treatment options ranging from nutritional support and advanced medical regimens to surgical resources in an effort to combat obesity and enhance your health and wellness.